Book Club

The College Library is a repository of books, open to the students for reference and reading. But this alone does not inculcate a reading culture in the students or develop a deep involvement with the Library. The Book Club was organized with the intention to motivate students to a regular reading pattern, through book reviews, debates and discussions. Also, whenever the library requires student support, it will be the Book Club that facilitates it. Two student representatives serve as the President and Secretary to the Book Club. Every year with new students coming in, the office bearers will be elected afresh. It is mandatory for the post-graduate students to be members of the Book Club. Students with genuine interest in reading and library from degree courses will also be allotted membership. The librarian Smt. Patricia Robin is the Co-coordinator of the Book Club, with Sri. Sam Johnson (Guest faculty – English Dept.) assisting towards the effective functioning of the Book Club.

Littérateur Fest

The Book Club in jointure with the English Department and Library organises annual literary fest under the title ‘ Littérateur Fest’ to rake up the talented and abled in the field of literary activities. The event which primarily focus on the UG students has also set it doors open for the PG students and even staff of St. Michael’s College. The winners are given a cetificate and a trophy as a token of their rattling performance.

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Book Club Book Donation Bonanza (B-Cube,B3)

The Book Club made its debut in the field of book donation and sponsorship with B-cube. The project intends to enhance the stock of books available for the students by finding benevolent donators and affluent sponsors. The project was officially inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Solomon Charanghat, the Manager of St. Michael’s College on 5 March 2014. He also made the first donation to the club. The function also witnessed erudite talks on the importance of books and the necessity of cultivating reading habits by Dr. V. Mathew and Rev. Fr. Titus Augustine. Prof. A.B. John Joseph, Smt. Patricia Robin and Sri. Sam Johnson also made their presence felt with significant donations. The project began its foray by garnering around 130 books from different sources to be made part of the college library.

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Book Review

To read a novel does not merely mean to understand its story. The process of reading becomes complete and meaningful only when the reader has sojourned beyond the boundaries of its pages. The Book Club offers this insight to its members through the ‘Book Reviews’ conducted biannually in the college. Audience are given a detailed and comprehensive review of the book by adept veterans in the field. A ‘Question and Answer’ session is also arranged towards the end of the review so as to obliterate any kinds of speculations regarding the work of art.

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Debate and Discussion

The Book Club in association with the Department of English conducted a debate and discussion on “Cinematization of Novels and the Consequent Death of Readers” on the 19th of September, 2014. The students of I B. A. English found themselves bombarded with a slew of ideas aired by their own friends to which they were able to oppose and favour all throughout the session. Librarian and Co- ordinator of Book Club, Smt. Patricia Robin, Co-ordinator of Book Club and faculty of English Department, Sri. Sam Johnson also spoke on the occasion.

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Reopening day indeed turned to be a motivational boost for the students of St. Michael’s with “INITIUM 2015”, an academic orientation programme designed by the Department of English in association with the Book Club and the Department of Commerce, keeping in mind the needs and necessities of the students. The event commenced with invocations to Lord Almighty lead by the Prayer group of St.Michael’s. The programme then witnessed addresses made by Manager Rev. Fr. Solomon Charanghat and Principal Dr. V. Mathew.Dr. John Thomas, an erudite scholar renouned for his societal commitment and confidence building techniques, handled a session on “Towards Better Life” during the rest of the session.