Women Cell

About Us

Women Cell of St.Michael’s College Cherthala is a movement for girl students striving for a better future and status. Women Cell conducts various activities such as legal awareness programmes, health classes, debates, seminars, workshops on food processing, jewel making, embroidery and garment making etc. for entrepreneurial development among women. The Women Cell extends its activities outside the campus, keeping abreast the local women and mothers of girl students by conducting variety programmes. In order to instill humane values among the girl students, the women cell unit of the college visits and serve the poor old destitute and orphans who live in the nearby old age home run by the government. The women Cell has also conducted many research programmes on relevant problems by identifying the issues through many socio-economic surveys on women health, social capital etc.


  • To disseminate knowledge about the rights and laws related to women
  • To strengthen moral values among the girl students to become responsible citizens
  • To equip them for career advancement

To make them aware of the importance of charitable activities

Organizational Structure


  • Dr. M.A. Florence

Asst. Coordinators:

  • Ms. Seena Elizabeth George
  • Ms. Minnu Mathew
  • Miss. Patricia Michael

Student Coordinators :

  • Miss. Indulekha M.
  • Miss. Sarika S.

Recent Initiatives