B.A. Economics

B.A. Degree Programme in Economics

The First Degree Programme in Economics is designed to equip the students to cope with the emerging trends and challenges in the new era of globalization.

Eligibility for admission

Eligibility for admissions and reservation of seats shall be according to the rules framed by the University from time to time. No student shall be eligible for admission to the First degree programme in Commerce unless he/she has successfully completed the examination conducted by a Board/ University at the +2 level of schooling or its equivalent.


Each student shall register for the courses in the prescribed registration form in consultation with the Faculty Advisor within two weeks from the commencement of each semester.


The normal duration of the First Degree Programme in Economics shall be three years consisting of six semesters. The duration of each semester shall be five months inclusive of the days of examinations. There shall be at least 90 working days in a semester and a minimum 450 hours of instruction in a semester. Odd Semester (June- October) commences in June and Even Semester (Dec- April) commences in December every year. There will be one month semester break in November and May between semesters.

Course Structure

Core Courses

  1. Methodology & Perspectives of Social Sciences
  2. Methodology of Economics
  3. Basic Tools for Economics I & II
  4. Micro Economics I & II
  5. Macro Economics I & II
  6. Development Economics
  7. Public Economics
  8. Indian Economy
  9. Kerala Economy
  10. International Economics
  11. Financial Economics
Elective Course Agricultural Economics
Complementary Courses i. Indian History & ii. Mathematics
Open Course Entrepreneurship Development or
Human Disease Management  or
Astronomy & Astrophysics  or
Essentials of Chemistry  or
Health & Fitness Education