Software Development

B.Voc Software Development

The proposed vocational programme in Software Development will be a judicious mix of skills, professional education related to Software Development and also the appropriate content of general education. It is designed with the objective of equipping the students to cope with the emerging trends and challenges in the Software Development environment.


Eligibility for admissions and reservation of seats for B.Voc Software Development shall be according to the rules framed by the University from time to time. No student shall be eligible for admission to B.Voc Software Development unless he/she has successfully completed the examination conducted by a Board/ University at the +2 level of schooling or its equivalent in science  stream. Those who passed Vocational Higher Secondary course will get an additional weightage of 25 marks in the ranking index. For the calculation of ranking mark in any stream, convert the qualifying examination mark to 1200.


This course follows  2 (b) pattern of the University under first degree CBCS program with appropriate modifications.

  1. No open course is envisaged
  2. No Electives are included
  3. Total credits enhanced to 180 instead of 120
  4. Working hours per week is increased to 30 hours
  5. All vocational subjects are treated as core course.
  6. Multiple exit points are permitted, that is, if willing, candidate can quit after the successful completion of first & second year. Candidate do so, can’t be re-entered.
  7. There will not be provisions for improvement.
  8.  A candidate who failed in a semester may get two supplementary chances.Only failed papers are to be written in the supplementary examination


The curriculum in each of the years of the programme would be a suitable mix of general education and skill development components.


The duration of the B.Voc. Software Development shall be three years consisting of six semesters. The duration of each semester shall be five months inclusive of the days of examinations. There shall be at least 90 working days in a semester and a minimum 540 hours of instruction in a semester.


The B.Voc Software Development shall include:

  1. Language courses (English)
  2. General Education Components
  3. Skill Components
  4. Project
  5. Industrial Training
  6. Soft Skills and Personality Development Programmes
  7. Study tours