Introduction to CBCSS

Choice Based Credit and Semester System (CBCSS)

Degree Programme of Kerala University is under Choice Based Credit and Semester System (CBCSS) for the evaluation of students. The Evaluation of each Course shall consist of two parts

  1. Continuous Evaluation (CE)
  2. End Semester Evaluation (ESE)

The ESE and CE ratio shall be 4:1 for both courses with or without practical. There shall be a maximum of 80 marks for ESE and maximum of 20 marks for CE. For all courses (Theory and Practical), Grades are given on a 7-point scale based on the total percentage of marks (CE+ESE)

Consolidation of Grades


The maximum mark for a course (ESE theory) 80
(The duration of ESE is 3 hours)
Total marks for the ESE of Practical 80

(The components of ESE of Practical have to be set by the Chairmen, Boards of Studies, concerned)



The marks of CE shall be consolidated by adding the marks of Attendance, Assignment / Seminar and Test paper respectively for a particular Course.

a Attendance 5 marks
b Assignment/Seminar 5 marks
c Test paper 10 marks

The marks for the component of Practical for continuous Evaluation shall be as shown below.

A Attendance 5 marks
b Record 5 marks
c Test 5 marks
d Performance, Punctuality and Skill 5 marks

Semester Credit Point Average (SCPA) is an index of the overall performance of a student at the end of a semester. It is obtained by dividing the sum of the Credit Points obtained by a student at the end of a semester by the sum of the Credits of Courses taken by the student in the semester.


Consolidation of ‘Semester Credit Point Average’ (SCPA)

SCPA is obtained by dividing the sum of Credit Points (CP) obtained in a semester by the sum of Credits (C) taken in that semester. After the successful completion of a semester, Semester Credit Point Average (SCPA) of student in that semester shall be calculated.

Criteria for Grading (SCPA/CCPA/Courses)

Percentage of marks CCPA Letter Grade
90 and above 9 and above A+ Outstanding
80 to <90 8 to <9 A Excellent
70 to <80 7 to <8 B Very Good
60 to <70 6 to <7 C Good
50 to <60 5 to <6 D Satisfactory
40 to < 50 4 to <5 E Adequate
Below 40 <4 F Failure