CBCSS College Level Monitoring Committee

Monitoring of the First Degree Programme is been done by College Level Monitoring Committee (CLMC). The college Level Monitoring Committee consists of the Principal, the heads of departments and the elected representatives of teachers. The Principal, Dr. V. Mathew is the Chairperson, Dr. Neelakandan Namboothiri is the Convener and Sri. Hari.U is the deputy convener of College Level Monitoring Committee (CLMC). The CLMC is responsible for the conduct of First year degree programme, ensuring instructional days, making arrangements for ESE of various semesters.

The following are the activities of CBCSS CLMC during the academic year 2011-12          

1.      Prepared and distributed the semester wise programme Calendar.

2.      Department Level Monitoring Committee (DLMC) has been constituted with the Heads of the departments and all the teachers of the department.

3.      Circulated notices to all the teachers to intimate the changes relating to the CBCSS System.

4.      Made necessary arrangements to conduct two sets of test papers for all the programmes in each semester.

5.      Prepared, consolidated the grade sheets for each semester and forwarded the same to the University.

6.      Taken steps for implementing the “Open Course” for each programme during the fifth and sixth semester.

7.      CBCSS Students Grievance Cell has been formed to examine the complaints of students regarding the internal grade marks.

8.      Conducted meetings at regular intervals with Department Level Monitoring Committee (DLMC) to ensure the effective conduct of the CBCSS Programme.

9.      Ensured that the Internal Grade sheets prepared and displayed on time.

A sub- committee has been formed to conduct and evaluate the compulsory Social Service /Extension activities during the third and fourth semesters.