Co-curricular Activities

National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme is a national organisation with the motto “Not Me, but You,” inviting youth towards social commitment ,amelioration of social ills and an intensive drive for national integration.It provides an opportunity for students to mould themselves, to imbibe qualities for personality development, to understand social needs and to share values. Presently, there are 2 N.S.S units comprising 100 students in each unit. Our units have won many district level and state level laurels. Our N.S.S has received awards for the best unit, best programme officer and the best Principal. The N.S.S has an advisory board comprising staff, students, alumni, members of local bodies and Govt.officials. Our present Progamme Officers are Sri. Antony Kuriakose P., Sri. Binil K.P. and Sri. Hari U.

National Cadet Corps

India, an antique land that pledged its tryst with destiny, needs disciplined men and women with brain and brawn to serve the nation. N.C.C., a premier youth organization ever since its  inception in the year 1948, is rendering yeomen service with this vision. It is a national organization, which has helped in inculcating in the cadets a spirit of  fortitude and temperance, self-reliance, bold endeavors, spirit of patriotism etc. that are essential to make the youth disciplined and dutiful.The cadets are also sent to different camps, namely National integration, Trekking, Para gliding, Pre-Republic Day, and Youth Exchange Programmes. Interested cadets are given the opportunity to join the College Band Troupe.

Women Cell

“Women Cell” is a movement for girl students striving for a better future and status. Women Cell conducts various activities such as legal awareness programmes, health classes, debates, seminars etc. The cell also conducts socio-economic surveys each year to identify the deserving and financially weak girl students. Dr. Florence M.A. is the  co-ordinator and Smt. Seena Elizabeth George, Smt.Minnu Mathew and Smt. Patricia Michael are assistant co-ordinators.

Lapwing Nature Club

The nature club in the college organises various activities for inculcating qualities in students to maintain an eco-friendly habitat. The club maintains a garden with hundreds of herbaerium, a carp culturing unit, an agriculture unit and a bird – watching unit.  The club also conducts awareness programmes for the public on current environmental problems. Prof. Annie Jose K. is the president of the club.


All India Catholic University Students Federation is an organ of the University wits to conscientize colleagues and to enable them to  develop a critical awareness and analysis of the Indian and World scenario, to cultivate deep and genuine concern for the last, the least and the lost and to commit themselves effectively to the task of building a new and just society. AICUF stands for the service and liberation of all as Jesus did irrespective of caste, sex, language or belief. This helps students to evolve spirituality through solidarity, struggle and serendipity. This also aims to motivate students to be earnest in studies, research and activities linked to broader social issues and struggles with a view, to becoming elan vital within the campus.

Jesus Youth

Jesus Youth is a forum of University students that hearkens the fellow students to come and see Jesus Christ. Prayer meetings and diakonial fellowships are conducted every week for all the students. Other activities include various programmes like spiritual retreats, Via Sacra, Campaigns  and street -plays against drugs and drinks and sessions  for inculcating moral and ethical values in  students.

Science Club

The main objective of this club is to spark awareness among students about the latest developments in the world of science.  The members of the club file articles from science journals, organize road shows and exhibitions and anchor debates in the arena.  They also improvise working model of radios, alarms, stabilizers etc and display demos on the avenue. The club organizes public instruction on science subjects.  Special attention is given to work experience for the students of various science departments. Dr. P. Manoj is the Secretary of the club.

Tourism Club

Glad tidings for the budding chefs, connoisseurs, chauffers and cartographers. There is an active Tourism Club in the College, approved by the Department of Tourism.   The Tourism club organises tourism awareness programmes to facilitate a culture of hospitality and dignity among youth and to sustain the clean,g reen and heritage ambience of the state to boost the entertainment  industry in the state.Smt. Petricia Michael is the  co-ordinator of the club.

The Energy and Environment Conservation Club( EECC)

Some lenten thoughts for the preservation of renewable and non-renewable resources of energy. The club organizes project preparations and presentations, elocutions at club level and college level, pledge on Energy Conservation, National Energy Conservation Day celebrations, classes on usage of CFL, water & oil, and conducts Science Day carnival with various science associations of the college. The Principal is its Patron. Dr. Dhwajam D.B. is the present secretary of the club. Other office bearers of the club are elected from among the students.The EECC of our college with registration no. EECC 1/ 33 is affiliated to Energy Conservation Society, Trivandrum.

Entreprenuership Development Club

ED club is formed with the intention of nurturing and developing the entrepreneurial potential and skills in students.. The club offers a vista of career opportunities and current trends through seminars, symposia, field visits, mock-interviews and placement drive. Indeed, it’s a blending of economics with ergonomics. Dr. Sreedhar P. Nair is the Co-ordinator. The Department of Industries, Government of Kerala supports the activities of this club.

Legal Forum

Legal forum conducts various human rights awareness programmes, seminars and debates on legal issues. The forum functions in association with Peoples’ Council for Social Justice (PCSJ), the Legal Cell, Kottayam and Advocate G.Janardana Prabhu Foundation, Cherthala for conducting legal awareness programmes and conducts ‘Neethimela'(Adalat) to settle civil disputes. Rev. Fr. Xavier Kudiamssery is its advisor.

Health club and Multi Gym

The Health Club in the college has all the facilities for Yoga and aerobics. It conducts awareness classes on Psycho-somatic well-being. A fully equipped 12 station multi gym, treadmill, bicycle ergometer, bench press etc are some of the attractions in the health club. The club offers its facilities to the students, staff and the public as well. The working hours are from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sri. Augustine N.J. is its Co-ordinator.

Research Promotion Council

The Research Promotion Council functions in the College with the noble intention of promoting academic quest and investigation. It organises programmes that inculcate a spirit of enquiry among the teachers and students and provides scaffold to those engaged in various research domain. Right now, there are 3 major projects and 10 minor projects underway, besides numerous querries and surveys by the students from various departments. Dr.Mathew V. is the Director of the Research Promotion Council.

Music Club

‘If music be the food of the soul, play on’, says Shakespeare in Twelfth Night. Art and life are inseparable because a person constantly seeks to transcend the frontiers of existence through creativity. The music club offers opportunity for the students to demonstrate their talents through tunes and melodies, beats and vibes from base to soprano through various cultural events. The Music club has a lively team comprising staff and students in order to co-ordinate its  activities. Sri.Riju Gregory is the chairman.

Book Club

A golden chance for the bibliophile on the campus, The Book Club functions with a view to instil in the students a genuine love for the world of letters. The book club made its debut in the field of book donation and sponsorship with B-cube.The project intends to enhance the stock of books available for the students by finding benevolent donors and affluent sponsors. The club plans  to organize erudite talks on the importance  of books and the necessity of cultivating reading habits. Sri.Sam Johnson holds charge over the activities of the club.

Value Education Programme

The individual’s commitment to values is basic for the health and welfare of an enlightened community. The college conducts moral instruction for all the classes to inculcate moral conviction and eternal vigilance to counter ennui, lethargy, hedonism and complacency. The classes are animated by the value education team comprising some teachers of the College and a few resource persons from outside.

St. Michael’s Kalakendra

The Kalakendra is established as a cultural center to recover the heritage and traditions of the’ Neithal Theeram’ (Saline coastal region).The center is seriously engaged to  refine and recover the folk dramas,songs,and other artforms like Chavittunadakam,Kadalppattukal(Shanty)pitchappattu,Annavippattu,Devastavili,so on and so forth.Indeed,we have a monthly magazine called ‘Mukharekha'(Face Line) to research and document the credentials in this regard. The center also takes interest to refine and foster the artistic talents of the students and the staff of the college. Sri. Riju Gregory is the chairman.

First Friday Mass

The Holy Mass is celebrated in the auditorium at 12.30 p.m. on all First Fridays. Simultaneously, a value education class is also being conducted in the Seminar Hall for the non-catholics. An inter-religious forum is also functioning on the campus. They organize colloquia on the Darshanas of various religions by experts. In fact,the sanctuary right on the threshold of the  central block has been furnished with the Scriptures of the world religions by the inter-religious forum.

Rotaract Club

Rotaract is an international programme for adults aged 18 to 30 who want to make a difference. Its members known as rotaractors grow personally and professionally, address community needs and promote international understanding through fellowship and service.