As a post-accreditation quality sustenance measure, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was constituted on 5th September 2004 with the Manager of the College as the Patron and the Principal as the Chairman. The IQAC plans and co-ordinates various activities in the college to enhance quality and to prepare the college for reaccreditation. Prof. Annie Jose K is the present coordinator of the Cell.



To bring the benefits of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the college to the students and to co-operate with the developmental activities underway, a group of students with   due representations from all the departments has been formed in the college with the name SQAC (students Quality Assurance Cell). They are directly placed under the guidance of Smt. Jyothi Mary and Sri. Sam Johnson.

3. Automated Library

A separate college library block has been constructed on the west side of the main building. The fully automated library offers the right ambience for reading, reference and research with its stately building, comfortable reading rooms and verdant surroundings. The facilities provided include digital log search, online journal access through INFLIBNET, reprographic sections etc.


4. Santuario – Prayer Room

The college gives prime importance to the spiritual well being of the students and staff. To give ample opportunity for meditation and prayer, a special prayer room has been arranged with the right ambience for all those in need of spiritual nourishment and silent prayer. The ‘Sanctuario’ is open for all to walk in and pray at the feet of our Lord.



5. Msgr. Reynolds Informatics Centre

Catering to the needs of the students desirous of learning computer is a well furnished computer lab with more than 50 desktop computers, LCD monitors and all other network devices.



6. Language Lab

As fluency in English and excellent communicative skills have become the need of the hour, the College has set up a Language Lab to enable the acquisition of communicative skills using the latest technology and software available. Attached to the Dept. of English, this facility incorporates latest computers with a central console to help the teacher monitor the language learning, enhancing the four skills (LSWR) through interactive sessions.

7. Remedial Coaching Centre

Remedial coaching centre has been functioning in our college since 2008. This is a UGC aided special programme mainly focusing on the improvement of the academic efficiency of Graduate and Post-graduate SC/ST and Minority students studying in our College. More than 625 students of our college are benefited by this scheme including other categories. The Principal, Co-ordinator, all HOD’s, IQAC Co-ordinator and Staff Advisor are the members of the Advisory Board of this programme.

8. Museum

The Dept. of Zoology has set up a precious museum showcasing numerous preserved specimens and physical models of organisms varied enough to arouse curiosity and trigger learning.



9. Auditorium

Giving due importance to the development of innate talents and artistic abilities, the College has set up an Auditorium spacious enough to accommodate the entire college and to provide the facilities needed to host the entertainment programme  s, assemblies and conferences that are held for the students.

10. Seminar Hall

An air conditioned Digital Seminar Hall with fixed LCD projector and large screen, White Board, thin LED TV (42”) and state-of-the-art seating arrangements and home theatre has been set apart to facilitate learning through seminars, conferences and invited talks.

11. College  Hostel

St.Michael’s college hostel is under the supervision of Canossian sisters and it aims at the integral formation of young women. It is situated near the college campus and offers residential facilities to a limited number of students. Life in the hostel is an experience in community living which can be of great help in the development of one’s personality. The warden assisted by a sister is responsible for the day-to-day running of the hostel.

12. Wellness Centre

To cater to the psychological needs of the students, especially those mentally troubled by the stress and strain of studies and family relationships, expert counselling services are made available at the counselling centre of the College.

13. Research Lab

To promote research in the College and to offer essential facilities to the students interested in research activities, a modern research lab with the latest equipment is established in the College. The research lab is attached to the Dept. of Chemistry and is being used by various research scholars under various Government funded projects.

14. Sports and Games

The College provides state-of-the-art facilities to students who have a flair for sports and games. The vast play grounds and the 400 m track make the College a much sought-after venue for physical training and sports events. The practicing tracks, basket-ball courts, volley-ball courts and indoor games facilities are unparalleled in the district.


15. Health Club and Gymnasium

The 12 station multi-gym is open both to the students and the public for daily exercise and body building. The use of multi-gym is monitored by Dept. of Physical Education and the Health Club. Yoga practices are also offered on the campus by experts.


16. Career Guidance and Placement Cell

Students are not generally aware of the career options in the field of higher education. It has become imperative to impart the information regarding the multivariety of different career openings. With this in view, we have a ‘Career Guidance and placement cell basically to guide and help the students to choose a career suiting to their capabilities. The centre has the facilities to assess students ‘aptitude. intelligence and interests. It also makes arrangement for the placement of students in various firms. Dr. Sindhu S. Nair is the Co-ordinator.

17. Sports Authority of India (SAI) Extension Centre

As a token of appreciation for the outstanding achievements in the International and National level by the students of St. Michael’s College, the SAI has approved an extension centre with specialisation in the discipline of athletics in St. Michael’s College, Mayithara. The centre offers International level athletic training to the students of the college and from other institutions too.

18. Research Promotion Council

The Research Promotion Council functions in the college with the noble intention of promoting academic research. It organises programmes that include a spirit of research among the teachers and students and provides support to those engaged in various research activities.

19. Grievance Redressal Cell

The institution has a grievane redressal cell established for creating a congenial atmosphere. Sri. P.A. Dominic is the Chairman. The Grievance Redressal Cell takes into consideration all the complaints and finds solutions without delay to ensure a family atmosphere on the campus.

20. Cyberlink

Under the auspices of UGC-Network Resource Centre, a Computer Centre fully equipped with the latest technology is at the disposal of the students to facilitate net usage, DTP works, reprography etc. Special help is also made available at the centre to send online applications to various educational agencies.

21. Staff Co-operative Bank

To ensure easy banking facilities, a staff co-operative bank duly registered with the District Co-operative Bank is open during the College working hours. Loans, deposits and other banking facilities are also offered to the staff in a hassle-free manner.

22. Co-operative Store

The Co-operative store of the college replete with all the necessities like stationery, books, guides etc. make life easy and tension free for students on the campus. Purchases can be made from the store at discount rates.

23. College Canteen

The College Canteen located in an easily accessible spot on the campus caters to the students’ needs with delicious food at affordable prices. The neat and cool surroundings make the canteen highly attractive and save time and energy by providing unadulterated food and drinks in the proximity of their classrooms.