Patron Saint

The College has been named after its founder Bishop Michael Arattukulam and is placed under the heavenly protection of St. Michael, the leader of the Archangels, as its patron. His name derived from the Hebrew word meaning “who is like God”, invites the beneficiaries of this institution to strive for godly perfection through the acquisition of knowledge. It was St. Michael who commanded God’s legions and achieved a decisive victory against the forces of evil that rebelled against God. He is believed to be the Archangel writing down the deeds of men in the Book of Life. He is also acclaimed as the helper of the chosen people. He is artistically represented as holding a balance and flourishing a sword against a dragon symbolizing evil. The 29th of September, popularly known as Michaelmas, is the day on which his heavenly intercession is sought in a special way and is celebrated by the college as its Founder’s Day.