Rules and Regulations

General Discipline

  1. Students are expected to conduct themselves with the self respect and dignity of the children of God.
  2. They should be neat in their dress, refined in their talk, polite and courteous in their dealings with all, and ready to lend a helping hand as and when occasion arises.
  3. They should give due regard and respect to seniors and superiors.
  4. When a student meets a member of the staff of the College he/ she should greet him/her respectfully.
  5. When a teacher enters the classroom, students must stand up and must not sit until he/she invites them to do so or himself / herself takes a seat.
  6. They should show themselves to be lovers of good order and decorum.
  7. They should be punctual and disciplined in attending classes and any academic or extracurricular function arranged for them.
  8. They should avoid ill-mannered noise-making behaviour on the College campus.
  9. Smoking is prohibited on the College campus and intoxicants are forbidden as well.
  10. Irregular attendance, insubordination to the Principal or teachers, habitual indifference to studies, obscenity in word or deed or evident misconduct etc. are sufficient reasons for the permanent or temporary dismissal of a student.
  11. They are forbidden from writing or making any mark on the furniture or walls or any part of the College premises and from throwing paper or ink in the classrooms.
  12. Every student shall carry with him/her the identity card on the campus and produce it on demand.
  13. Those who cause damage or loss to college properties will be liable for disciplinary action. Legal action will be initiated against those who destroy the properties of the college. Any damage done to college property will have to be made good.
  14. Students are strictly forbidden from bringing motor vehicles to the campus.
  15. Students are strictly forbidden from bringing or using mobile phones on the campus. Confiscated mobile phones will be returned only on payment of the fine fixed by the Principal.
  16. Students are exhorted to handle the college property with care and to do everything in their power to preserve the cleanliness and tidiness of buildings and furniture.
  17. No notices shall be circulated among students or pasted anywhere within the College premises without the written permission of the Principal.
  18. No meeting of any kind shall be held by the students within the college premises.
  19. Students shall not take part in or attend any political        meeting or engage in any public movement or activity      that is subversive of good order.
  20. All political activities are banned on the campus by          order No.CI/ e4. Students are strictly prohibited from    taking part or giving leadership to any agitation                demonstration, strike, dharna, gherao and such other      activities which shall disrupt the class or cause threat to  the peaceful atmosphere on the campus. Students are      not allowed to be members of any political student            units  or form such units in the name of this college. No  flags or posts are to be erected in the name of such            units by any student of this college. Such activities will    invite strict disciplinary action. Canvassing for votes in    the name of any such political unit during college              election is strictly forbidden.
  21. Students are strictly forbidden from entering classrooms other than theirs.
  22. Any student under suspension is forbidden from entering the college campus.
  23. Any student who disrupts class by unauthorised entry in the classrooms or picketing is liable to be expelled from the College.
  24.  Ragging is totally banned in the institution and anyone found guilty of ragging and / or abetting ragging is liable to be punished by section 8 of UGC regulation No.F. 1-16/2007 (CPP-II) April, 2009 on curbing the menace of ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, and also by the relevant verdicts of the Hon. Supreme Court and High Court and the orders of State and Central Governments.
  25.  Use of Alcohol is strictly forbidden on the campus. Any student suspected of intoxication is liable to be checked by staff, teaching or non-teaching, with instru-ments like breathalyser and strictly punished if found to be so.
  26.  Celebrations that breach discipline and involve hurting or touching, others physically or smearing paint, oil, color, chemical on others are strictly forbidden on the campus.
  27. Any activity or celebration that hurts religious feelings will not be permitted.
  28. No media personnel are allowed to enter the campus, shoot videos or talk to the students without the permission of the Principal. Photography/Video/Audio re-cordings and playing are strictly prohibited on the campus unless authorized by the Principal.
  29. Students are requested to contact the office and the section concerned to clear all the outstanding dues to the college before collecting their hall tickets for University examinations. This has to be done well in advance so that there is sufficient time to rectify mistakes if any. They should not wait for the last minutes to pay their fees.
  30. Students are expected to contact their respective departments and check the tabulation of attendance regularly and rectify the mistakes if any.
  31. Students who do not have the percentage of attendance stipulated by the University will not be allowed to take their examinations.
  32. It is the responsibility of student to sign the CA Marklists to be forwarded to the University at the end of each semester.
  33. Students will be allowed to go out of the campus during class hours only with the pass issued by the Head of the Department concerned or the Principal.
  34. Students admitted in the sports quota are required to conform to the rules and timings of the college strictly. Attendance will be given only for taking part in meets or events with the clear permission of the Principal. Practice sessions will be conducted only before or after the class hours. Only those students with impec-cable conduct and sufficient attendance will be permitted to take part in sports events on behalf of the college.
  35. Unruly behavior during functions held in the auditorium, seminar hall, etc will invite strict disciplinary action. Drunken dancing is strictly prohibited in the auditorium during the functions.
  36. Students are not permitted to linger on the campus outside class hours or stay on the campus on holidays without the permission of the college authorities.
  37. No banners, posters, holdings, cutouts, flex boards, flag posts or any other things temporary or permanent in nature shall be created without the permis-sion of the college authorities either at the college gate or within the campus. Students colluding with outsiders to do so are liable to be punished.
  38. The security personnel and the college staff are authorized to inspect the records of vehicles entering the campus and register the details.
  39. Students from other institutions and outsiders are not allowed to take part in any academic activity in the college or enter the campus without permission. Students who bring outsiders will be punished.
  40. Conduct certificate will not be issued as a matter of right. It has to be earned by the student through good conduct.
  41. Promotion to a higher class, selection for University examinations issue of progress cards, attendance and conduct certificates are matters within the statutory and discretionary powers of the Principal and no appeal shall lay against the Principal’s decision to any other authority.
  42. The Principal shall have the power to inflict punishments like fine, loss of attendance, loss of term certificate, refusal of selection to University examina-tions, suspension, compulsory issue of TC, expulsion etc.
  43. The Principal shall have the right to issue TC to a student admitted to the college without an application from the students or the guardian at any time during the course of his/her study in the college without assigning any reason.
  44. Staff members / discipline committee shall have the powers to deny admission to students to classes / office / labs / library/ meetings / cultural programmes and other programmes if unruly or indisciplined behavior is noticed or if there is no decency in dressing or behavior or if found or suspected to be intoxicated.
  45. Use or possession of alcoholic drinks or drugs will lead to immediate expulsion of the students from the college and hostels.
  46. Insubordination to the principal or the teachers will be viewed as serious offense. Such students will not have any right to receive their conduct certificate and will be liable for disciplinary action.
  47. Students are not allowed to make a complaint in a body or address any authority in a collective petition. Such combined action is subversive of good order.
  48. If the students of the college are found engaging in acts of indiscipline outside the premises of the college disciplinary action will be initiated against them.
  49. Students should strictly follow the dress code of the college. They should not come wearing casual dress like banians, low-waist pants etc.
  50. The penalty or fine imposed by the Principal on erring students is binding. Defiance of any sort on this account will be viewed seriously and stringent measures will be taken against such students.
  51. Students found regularly misbehaving in the class or frequently booked for indiscipline will not be allowed for any general /public programmes in the college including tour programmes arranged by the classes.
  52. Exotic hair styles not becoming of student or causing distraction or disturbance are strictly prohibited.
  53. No celebrations or parties will be allowed on the campus without the prior permission from the Principal.
  54. Students who are absent in the morning session will not be allowed to join any public function held in the auditorium/seminar hall in the afternoon session.
  55. Students are prohibited from going out of the campus on days of celebrations and public functions without genuine reason and necessary permission from authorities concerned.
  56. Students should enter the campus only through the main gate after showing their identity cards. No other gates of the college should be used for entry or exit.
  57. Collective abscondance or absence from classes will be treated as gross indiscipline. Fines will be imposed on each student involved in such absence.
  58. Students are prohibited from bringing four wheelers to the campus.
  59. Students who avail themselves of scholarships and grants should give immediate notice in writing to the Principal if they decide to discontinue the course and take TC without delay.
  60. Students who are found or reported to be indulging in drinking, smoking or consuming drugs/alcohol even outside the college campus during or outside the class hours are liable to face strict disciplinary action.
  61. Sloganeering is strictly prohibited on the campus. Provocative sloganeering will be treated as gross breach of discipline and makes are liable for punishment.
  62. The Principal shall have the right to refuse issuance of conduct certificate to a student if he/she is found breaching the discipline of the college.
  63. Students are prohibited from violent and drunken dancing in the auditorium or halls disrupting performance of cultural programmes.
  64. All the second year and third year degree and PG students should remit their PTA fees before the end of the first month of the academic year.
  65. Collective involvement in acts of violence as a class or group will be treated as serious breach of discipline and each individual will be liable to punishment.
  66. Students will be allowed to conduct group study on holidays and outside class hours only under the supervision of a teacher. Nobody will be allowed to enter the campus in the name of group study to include in unlawful activities or to loiter about. Students can use the library in silence on such days if the library is open.